As one or the other may have noticed, there are only coconut palms in Salalah. Whereas in the rest of the country only date palms grow. But why is that so? Here comes the explanation. Let’s start with some facts about date palms. They grow mainly in North Africa and West Asia. But they also grow in oases and near deserts. They grow at a rate of 30-40cm per year and can grow up to 30 meters high.


The coconut palm needs not only warmth but also a lot of water, which is why it grows best around the so-called tropical belt. Salalah is a very special place in Oman with vegetation that is different from the rest of the country. The reason for this is the so called Khareef season, which brings rain to the city for about 2 months and turns it into a green oasis. While in the summer months on the rest of the Arabian Peninsula temperatures rise up to 50 degrees, Salalah turns out to be a haven with pleasant 25 degrees in the city and 10 degrees in the mountains. Because of this, the coconut palm feels particularly comfortable here and produces up to 100 coconuts per plant per year.



If you are in Salalah you should not miss the opportunity to try one of these coconuts. Directly at the plantations the coconuts are freshly cut open and afterwards you can enjoy the coconut water and also the pulp. On our Salalah City Tour you get a complimentary coconut when you visit the plantations.