The village of Taqah is located about 23 km east of Salalah and lies directly on a white sandy beach and is lined with thousands of coconut palms and agricultural gardens.




Besides agriculture, the main source of income for the villagers is fishing. Off the coast are rich fishing grounds for the Indian oil sardine (Sardinella longiceps). The sun-dried fish serve as protein-rich cattle feed. Often you can watch the fishermen at work directly on the beach and witness live with how much skill and strength thousands of fish are taken out of the sea. In the nearby quarries the “Taqah stone” (it consists of sandstone and shell limestone) is mined, which serves as building material for the whole region.





The main attraction of Taqah is the 300 year old Castle or Fort Taqah. It has been lovingly furnished and offers a vivid impression of the life of the former wali Ali bin Tilman al-Ma ashani, who had it built in the 19th century for his personal protection, the old four-poster bed still stands and the walls are decorated with colorful pictures and faded mirrors. In the courtyard, a palm tree provides cooling shade and creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to stay right there.






From the walls and battlements of the fortress you can enjoy a beautiful view over the adjacent buildings to the beach, and in the former kitchen faithfully reproduced everyday objects bear witness to life in days gone by. Until 1984, the almost delicate fortress served as the official government building of the local governor. The East Salalah Tours of Salalah4Tourist (Half Day, Full Day, East & West) are the perfect choice to explore the beautiful sights Taqah and the East of Salalah has to offer.