When you travel to a foreign country, shopping should not be neglected. Whether souvenirs, some incense or a few new shoes we are sure everyone will find something that reminds him of the vacation here in Oman. There are three big shopping malls in Salalah: Salalah Gardens Mall, Oasis Mall and Salalah Grand Mall. The Salalah Gardens Mall has an especially beautifully planted courtyard (hence the name) where you can comfortably drink a coffee or tea during a shopping break. Or you can decide to go to the cinema to watch a movie in English. Something special here are definitely the popcorn varieties. There are sweet, salty, caramel or even cheese flavors. Next to the Salalah Gardens Mall there is also a Souq and the Chinese Village.



In the Oasis Mall you will also find a cinema, an electrical store, clothing stores and a supermarket. Of course, the Salalah Grand Mall also has several of these stores and is, as the name suggests, the largest of the malls. If you are not a big fan of malls you can go shopping in the stores of As Salam Street. Here you can find jewelry, perfumes, shoes and handbags of famous designers at reasonable prices (if you know, you know). To take a break from shopping you can stop at one of the many restaurants or get an ice cream at Baskin Robins. A traditional shopping experience can be found at the Al Hosn Souq, where you can buy mainly souvenirs and incense. Located right on the beach, you can combine this with a nice walk. Who now feels the need to let the credit card glow should book our Salalah City Night Tour. With a great dinner, shopping and optional cinema visit, this is the perfect excursion.