Why are there only coconut palms in Salalah?

As one or the other may have noticed, there are only coconut palms in Salalah. Whereas in the rest of the country only date palms grow. But why is that so? Here comes the explanation. Let’s start with some facts about date palms. They grow mainly in North Africa and West Asia. But they also […]

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Weather and best travel time to Oman

Although Oman is smaller in area than Germany, for example, the country can be divided into four climatic zones based on its geography. These zones consist of the coastal region in the north (Muscat, Sur, Batina Plain, Sohar), the Hajar Mountains, the interior (desert area) and the southern coastal region consisting of the province of […]

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The eventful history of the port city dates back to the 10th century, during its career it was both a feared pirate’s nest and a successful trading and frankincense port. Today, a horse sculpture at the entrance to the town and the name Mirbat (“horse market”) recall the precious Arabian horses that were once traded […]

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Beaches in Salalah

  Salalah is located in the south of Dhofar, the southernmost region of Oman. It is characterized by the monsoon wind Khareef, which brings a lot of rain from June to September. This makes the landscape green. In the winter months you have pure sun and a fascinating landscape. This natural phenomenon makes the region […]

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