Salalah is located in the south of Dhofar, the southernmost region of Oman. It is characterized by the monsoon wind Khareef, which brings a lot of rain from June to September. This makes the landscape green. In the winter months you have pure sun and a fascinating landscape. This natural phenomenon makes the region a very special destination, which is unparalleled on the Arabian Peninsula and which has also given Salalah the nickname “Caribbean of the Orient”. 

Al Mughsail Beach 

Al Mughsail beach is located about 50km from Salalah. Highlights are the stunning Marneef Cave and the Al Mughsail Blow Holes, where sea water is blown out and can reach upto heights of 30 meters. This beach is part of the Salalah West Tour full day, Salalah West Tour half day and Salalah East & West full day itinerary. 

Dahariz Beach 

Dahariz beach is close to Salalah where you can spend a wonderful evening like a local between high coconut trees and the Indian Ocean. Next to the Dahariz beach you find the Dahariz Lagoon which is perfect for bird watching and highly recommended for the flamingo lovers among you. 

Mirbat Beach 

Another marvelous beach is in the fishing town Mirbat which is about 75km East of Salalah. Before heading to the beach in Mirbat you will drive through the old city and should stop at the famous fishing harbor. Here you can feel the atmosphere of traditional fishing and admire the beautiful dhows (traditional boats). As the best fish and seafood is coming from Mirbat, we are buying fresh fish for our BBQ by the beach tour directly from the local fishermen or from the market. 


Fazayah Beach 

The drive to the large bay of Fazayah, about 80 km west of Salalah, is already in a good mood, because the route leads past Mughsail beach to the hairpin curves on the flanks of Wadi Afawl and on to the heights of Jebel Qamar. Up there, you feel a bit like the lookout in the mast of a sailing ship: sea breeze and an unobstructed view to the horizon, except that there are also the steep rocky cliffs with their bizarre formations. A steep but good dirt road leads down to several small and large sandy beaches, where you could actually camp spontaneously – or planned: just contact us. For a fee we will put together everything you need including food for an unforgettable camping trip. Or you experience the beauty of this beach when participating in the Salalah East & West Tour full day. 


Salalah4Tourist did create an unforgettable experience by offering a BBQ by the beach event at either Al Mughsail Beach, Dahariz Beach or Mirbat Beach. All drinks and food (grilled over the fire) are included, as well as Shisha and coffee/tea. You only need to bring your own towels for swimming.